Testimonies Received

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  • Chris, Pennsylvania

    “I have both listened to your ministry and read your materials. You express a heart to share the truth in a beautiful way that I can follow and grow in God. I’m so blessed by how you reveal the Scriptures…
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  • Minister from the United Kingdom

    “I am a Church of England minister. I watch your program on Sky TV with much interest. I try to never miss an episode.”

  • Jay, California

    “As I started to listen to Rabbi’s teachings, I heard the Word of God for the first time! Now my supernatural connection with Father is so strong. My love and knowing Yeshua are so new, I am like a child…
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  • Joseph, New York

    “My 84-year-old mother had stopped believing in God for over 50 years. I now see she can’t stop watching you. Rabbi you are such a great teacher and God, through you, has made her a believer again!”

  • Jeffrey, Wisconsin

    “I have been Jewish for 62 years and found Jesus only 2 months ago. He changed my life. Thank you, Rabbi Schneider for your leadership, courage and blessings. God is using you to teach me this wonderful faith.”

  • Austin, Nevada

    “I found Rabbi Schneider and that was the day my life truly changed. I felt an overwhelming sense of truth, peace, and comfort in his teachings! The Lord used Rabbi to change my life, my wife’s life, and my daughter’s…
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  • Michelle, Wisconsin

    “I have felt God drawing me back to Him for some time. I decided to start reading the Bible again and connecting with Christian resources. After praying for understanding, I was led to stumble across the Jewish Jesus on Daystar….
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  • Benjamin, Michigan

    “I was raised in a messianic household but strayed from the Lord. Rabbi, your love and ministry has helped heal, restore my faith, and my life! I have rededicated my life to the service of Yeshua. I now have a…
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  • Pam, Connecticut

    “Rabbi, your texts are a word in season for me. At the moments of greatest pressure your texts have refreshed my soul and lifted my head. You are a prophet of the Most High!”

  • Sandra, Illinois

    “I love the text messages I receive from Rabbi. Each one encourages me to keep pursuing God.”

  • Cheryl, Ohio

    “I cannot begin to measure the instruction, meaning, and spiritual support your text messages provide. I look forward to your Spirit-filled lessons through text messaging.”

  • Avila, California

    “Yesterday morning I woke up feeling hopeless and discouraged when suddenly I received a text from Rabbi giving me words of comfort. It was like words coming from God, because only He knew how I was feeling. My whole attitude…
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  • Antwon, Facebook

    “Rabbi, I would like to personally reach out to you to say thank you for all your text messages to my phone. It truly helps me throughout my day-to-day walk. Please keep sending these personal text messages. They make me…
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  • Bonnie, Georgia

    “Your texts to me have always come at the right time; they address my situation that I am having. I feel our Heavenly Father must tell you I need you to send me that text.”

  • Jill Daher, Georgia

    “Rabbi, I can’t tell you how finding your teachings has changed my life. Thank you so much for the life you lead and I’m holding onto your garment. You’re my Rabbi. Your teachings have completely changed my eternal life. I…
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  • Hillary, Arizona

    “I am so thankful that I found Discovering The Jewish Jesus. Rabbi’s lessons truly are changing my life! The passion Rabbi has for Jesus can only be from the Holy Spirit. Rabbis’ passion put passion back in my life to…
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  • Michael, Indiana

    “Rabbi and Cynthia, God has used the two of you to change my life. I need for you to know this. Through watching DJJ over a decade, I now understand the beauty and prophetic fullness of this great adventure in…
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  • Sandi, North Carolina

    “Rabbi. I just finished your book; The key to Answered Prayer. It has revived the dry places and is an encouragement to my prayer life. I couldn’t put it down. I plan on re-reading it and meditating on the prayers…
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  • Eunice, Detroit

    “Rabbi, I have been following your teachings since 2018. One day the Lord seemed to tap me on the shoulder and told me to become a Monthly Partner with you, and I did. A whole new spiritual world opened up…
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  • Bianca, Australia

    “Rabbi, I’ve been following your ministry for nearly 7 years. Thank you for your excellent teaching & care for the saints. I appreciate all the literature I receive; I’m currently reading your book – The Mystery of Dreams. I’m so…
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  • Christian, Illinois

    “Rabbi, I listen to you in Illinois on AM 1160 WYLL radio. After listening to your program, I was drawn to your ministry and the revelation received through your teachings. I have gained a greater understanding than before of the…
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  • Holly, California

    “Rabbi Schneider is truly anointed. Every time I watch your show or listen to a podcast, the message applies directly to my current spiritual growth. As a result, I have been transformed from a mere believer in Christ Jesus, to…
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  • Linda, Missouri

    “I have been watching you for a while and your teaching has really help me to grow! Rabbi, by you not sugar-coating what the Word says helps me to take a second look at my actions, what I say, and…
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  • Art, New Hampshire

    “I am a monthly Partner. Your television program on November 19th – The Song of Solomon, has deeply pierced my heart. Thank you for His Word that has reignited His love in my heart and brought tears to my eyes.”

  • Donald, Nigeria, Africa

    “Rabbi, I wanted you to know the impact of the undiluted word you preach to my life. I enjoy the spiritual rejuvenation watching you here.”

  • Antoinette, California

    “Flipping through the channels I saw Rabbi Schneider teaching the Word with depth that I had never heard. Even though I had been saved since 1980, it was like settling down in an almost new walk with the Lord.”

  • Kathleen, Connecticut

    “I am a Roman Catholic Eucharistic Minister. One night while watching TV I happened to see Discovering The Jewish Jesus. It made me curious, so I began watching. I am still watching weekly over 6 months later. In all my…
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  • Camilla, Virginia

    “Rabbi, your recent live teaching “What Is Going On?” so convicted me that I had to share it. Your teaching was like a cold glass of water in my face, and I am grateful! I will not allow my emotions…
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  • Jennifer, Florida

    “Rabbi Schneider speaks so lovingly as I picture Yeshua would. And he speaks correction boldly. This is “the way” the Bible should be taught.”

  • Tricia, Canada

    “Rabbi, I have grown in a deeper connection, reverence and fear of the Lord, all because of your teachings. In fact, the way you dissect the Scriptures, sometimes make me feel like I’ve never taken up the Bible in my…
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  • Donnie, Texas

    “I know, without a doubt, Yahweh has led me to your ministry. Where else can I find such anointed teaching on the truths and links between the Old and New Testaments.”

  • Michael, Florida

    “Rabbi, you have peeled back the layers and years of false doctrines, religious laws, and beliefs that have been keeping me from the Powerful Truths in knowing The Real Jewish Jesus.”

  • Kabanda, Uganda

    “I was a heroin junkie for 15 years. But I am now 1yr clean and saved after following Rabbi Schneider! I watch him on every program. I can never go to sleep without listening to Rabbi.”

  • Rosalie, Minnesota

    “The depth of Biblical knowledge and teaching from the Rabbi, his ability to incorporate his Jewish Faith, and his belief in Jesus Christ as the Messiah – has increased my faith and Biblical understanding. Rabbi’s teaching has filled up my…
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  • Ken, Indiana

    “I was raised in an abusive and dysfunctional family. I had a hard time believing that God loved me. Praise God that through Rabbi, I now know that God does love me and care for me!”

  • Gina, North Carolina

    “Rabbi, your teaching yesterday was so transformative for me. You taught on how to trust that God’s love for us doesn’t change and how He “knows our heart” and “desires”; so we shouldn’t feel disappointed or distressed over it. You…
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  • Holly, Massachusetts

    “Rabbi Schneider, this evening as I happened upon your TV ministry, I feel like I heard God’s true Word for the 1st time, (through your personal testimony of meeting God and teaching on Hannah). Finally, what I needed; to understand…
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  • Denise, Arizona

    “I first heard Rabbi Schneider speaking on my car radio. I am raised Catholic, but am born again, and was so happy to hear a Jewish man speak about his love and faith in Jesus. I really enjoy learning more…
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  • Jana, California

    “In 2019 I discovered that I have a Jewish name on my father’s side of the family and one on my mother’s side of the family. So, I am not surprised that after I found Rabbi – I cried many…
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  • Sara, Michigan

    “Rabbi, as I watch your program, I feel the Holy Spirit leading me to listen and act, as you are speaking His truth. Your show supernaturally comes alive as you speak with the power and anointing of the Holy Spirit….
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  • Christine, United Kingdom

    “Today I watched your live broadcast: Is This The End? Wow – I was saying yes and amen throughout your teaching. Thank you so much Rabbi for giving me hope that there is sound Biblical teaching still on this earth….
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  • Johantz, New York

    “As my heart yearned for the Lord, I found Discovering the Jewish Jesus. I believe that through the Aaronic blessing you shared, the Lord supernaturally placed His name on me and I was born again crying out Abba Father. The…
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  • Mela, Facebook

    “The anointing that is on Rabbi’s life is apparent, because I can FEEL the power of Christ, coming through the airwaves as he teaches. In the 18 months that I have Partnered with Rabbi, my life and walk with God…
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  • Glenda, Alabama

    “Rabbi has given me a new outlook on my Jewish views of Jesus. I am truly blessed with his prophetic teachings by showing that Jesus’ was so clearly predicted as the Messiah – as described in the Old Testament, and…
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  • Stephen, Australia

    “Rabbi, I thank God for your ministry. As I was watching your program, I asked the Lord to tell me if I should become a monthly Partner? The Holy Spirit came upon me so strong that I started weeping and…
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  • Lisa, Texas

    “I decided to surrender my life to Jesus Christ after watching your live broadcast – Is This the End?”

  • Lela, London

    “Rabbi, I wanted to share with you how much your teachings have really been supporting me with my walk with Jesus. Your videos, particularly the ones about deliverance ministry, have really helped me. I am also Jewish and was brought…
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  • Nina, China

    “Rabbi, I just want to quickly give you this message because I cannot (and shouldn’t) contain my joy. Your teachings greatly minister to me and I know that Holy Spirit is using you to speak, edify, and direct me. Thank…
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  • Earl, Philippines

    “Rabbi, first, I thank and bless God for using you and your ministry to reach out to a person with no such understanding of the Bible. It’s been months now since I started listening to you and it was a…
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  • Ina, United States

    “2 years ago, I was going through major financial hardship and other personal challenges. One evening when my cable was shut off, interestingly. I was only able to get a few networks one of them being where I first heard…
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  • Michael, Singapore

    “Rabbi, I chanced upon your program out of curiosity. I watched and it kept me going and finished listening to your preaching. I felt a tangible presence of God stirring inside of me; suddenly, Jesus became so real within me.”

  • Isaiah, Nigeria

    “Rabbi, your message on “the Passover Present” brought a lot of light to me like never before. It brought a deeper meaning to me of the significance of our Lord’s death on the cross and the freedom He has purchased…
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  • Sofia, Illinois

    “I was raised a Greek Orthodox Christian lady. The Jesus that I was taught is very different than the true Messiah I have come to know from Rabbi Schneider. I will never be able to truly express my heartfelt gratitude…
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  • Latonya, Louisiana

    “I love how my 23-month-old grandson raises both of his little hands at the end of Rabbi Schneider’s program. I laugh with God’s joy at how he stops what he’s doing at that very moment as Rabbi raise his hands…
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  • Francois, United Kingdom

    “I have been sharing Rabbi with friends and family and they all see what I see, that he speaks with the Holy Spirit.”

  • Jason, North Dakota

    “Rabbi, I want to say, you have changed my life. I have recently come back to Jesus and have reaffirmed my faith in Him. Your words helped to solidify my faith. Your messages hit me right in my spirit and…
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  • Nkhoma, Malawi

    “Rabbi, I have become what I am today as a child of God by accepting Jesus Christ as my Lord and personal Savior through your television outreach program. I am now serving the Lord in this part of the world.”

  • Martin, New South Wales

    “Shalom Rabbi, since watching your program I have been so blessed by your teachings. I am also Jewish! I now have a closer walk with the Lord. The real truth of the Word of Elohim’s Grace and mercy upon my…
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  • Ted, Texas

    “Rabbi, you have no idea how much your texts mean to me. It seems as though the simple messages were meant just for me at just the right moment. I mailed a Passover offering to you yesterday. Today like clockwork…
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  • Yvette, Pennsylvania

    “A few weeks ago I was in the middle of trying to make a decision as to how to handle a situation that was very difficult for me. And then right in the middle of this I suddenly received a…
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  • Elizabeth, Colorado

    “I just wanted to thank you for the text I received today. It touched on exactly what I have been dealing with, not reacting to the world the way others do.”

  • Vivian, California

    “Rabbi, your text messages are a great encouragement more and more. And, watching/hearing you and Cynthia help me and family members at home remain stable. You both are a needed fellowship to us.”

  • Terri, Maryland

    “Rabbi your text on May 3 was incredibly timed! I really needed to hear it. My daughter, who just starting her faith walk – also told me the same thing this morning when I was discouraged!”

  • South Africa

    “Want to say my two sons love Rabbi Schneider. They say the Aaronic Blessing when he says the prayer. They even sing a word or two while Rabbi is singing. Their spirits are lifted up. They are 7 and 9…
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  • James, Idaho

    “I am 59 years old, and I have learned more about Jesus, God and the Bible from watching Discovering the Jewish Jesus, then I have learned in my entire life.”

  • Brandon, Nevada

    “I just wanted to thank you Rabbi from the bottom of my heart for your book on self-deliverance. It changed my life completely. I now practice spiritual warfare every day and as a result my life has completely turned around….
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  • Charlene, Pennsylvania

    “Rabbi, I shared your Seeds of Revelation video “Blanket of Peace” with my daughter who has been experiencing anxiety. She has now accepted Jesus as her savior!”

  • Carla, Texas

    “Rabbi’s article, Becoming Like Him, in the February Newsletter hit me like a bolt. I knew that God had moved my heart and opened my mind. Now I wake-up every day with intent to become more like Him. To be…
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  • Tatiana, Texas

    “I was born in Ukraine in 1968! It was a Soviet Union time, and we all were raised to be an atheist. At the age of 18, I was very ill and experienced clinical death! I saw a white tunnel…
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  • Katrina, Arizona

    “I am so thankful for Rabbi’s teachings, texts, and his most recent prophetic word for 2021. I have been Partnering with DJJ for over eight years, and my walk with Messiah Yeshua has deepened more every year because of this…
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  • Dave, Minnesota

    “I thank God the Father for bringing me to Rabbi. When I drift off and let the world interfere with my focus on the Lord, Rabbi brings me back. It is difficult to describe how much DJJ means to me!”

  • Jennifer, Virginia

    “I want to thank Rabbi Schneider for having the courage to preach unconditional election or “remnant” theology. When I discovered this precious truth, I was amazed. It humbles me now, every single day, that God loves me so much. Most…
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  • Pamela, Minnesota

    “I am facing unprecedented challenges in my life. I was tuned to Daystar on Sunday when Rabbi’s program came on. I have been tempted to be discouraged by the size and extent of these challenges. It seems that no human…
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  • Kathleen, California

    “It’s been many years since I’ve listened to a Messianic ministry. When I watched Rabbi Schneider my heart came alive again for Yeshua and the Jewish people. I was a backslider who came to be with my Lord again. I…
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  • Sharon, Maryland

    “Rabbi, your show changed my life. All of my life, I have believed that Jewish and Christian people had nothing in common, but your television program showed me the link that changed my life. Your teaching revealed the true love…
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  • Cheryl, Ohio

    “I cannot begin to measure the instruction, meaning, and spiritual support your text messages provide. I look forward to your spirit-filled lessons through text messaging.”

  • Debbie, Florida

    “Rabbi, I have been experiencing so much breakthrough in my life from your teachings. Since becoming a Monthly Partner last year – my life, Ministry, and family have seen so much change and growth. We are being blessed because we…
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  • Lala, Colorado

    “I got touched by one of Rabbi’s shows and gave my life to Jesus.”

  • Christine, Germany

    “Rabbi, I really appreciate your podcasts – thank you for doing them! I discovered your messages on the Song of Songs some years ago, and recently subscribed to your podcast channel.”

  • Pamela, Connecticut

    “I praise Yeshua, who used Rabbi to deliver me and set me free from past shame, guilt, and self-hatred. Thank you, Rabbi for your deliverance ministry and your love for sinners like me.”

  • Loxi, California

    “Dear Rabbi, I’m now 75 years old and I finally found the only program teaching about our Lord and Savior, that also teaches that the New Testament completes the Old Testament. I am able to understand. I never felt led…
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  • Janice, Texas

    “I have been truly blessed and delivered from fear through Rabbi Schneider’s teachings on fear and Self-Deliverance. I was so blessed I had to sow a seed offering into this fertile ground so others could also be blessed.”

  • Cindy, Michigan

    “Rabbi, I found your program on TV about 6 months ago and have learned so much. I understand so much more about my Christian faith than I ever did. You have inspired me to look for Jesus inside myself and…
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  • Anna Skorupa, Western Ukraine

    “I am wholeheartedly grateful for such a profound interpretation of Scripture. I have received many revelations from Rabbi’s teachings.”

  • Bryan, Florida

    “Rabbi, I was watching your show one day about deliverance from demons and generational curses. God spoke to me that day, for the very first time in my life, and I accepted Him and was born again!”

  • Anthony, Colorado

    “Rabbi, I was in prison when I first heard about you and so I wanted to see the program myself. I watched it and was amazed about how much I truly didn’t know about the real Yeshua. I am now…
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  • Claudi, California

    “My 14 year old was listening very carefully when you were teaching this week – your voice is well known in this home. A youth revival is needed! And by faith has begun here!”

  • Beverly. New Jersey

    “For a while now, I’ve been seeking the Lord to ask of Him that I may not be misled by false teaching. Sadly, it is prevalent, in big and small Churches throughout America. Different movements under different names, but all…
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  • Jhasa, Florida

    “Rabbi, I am 24 years old and I came across your ministry on TV. I am so happy I did because I love how you teach ONLY the Word of God! I feel like I now have a true spiritual…
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  • Joy, Texas

    “Rabbi, your teachings reverberate across nations …calling us into His presence and a better understanding of our salvation gift through His Son (our Messiah). I am 75 and love the Lord with all my heart. I trust Him in all…
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  • Pamela, Texas

    “Thankfully, my 93-year-old Mom introduced us to Rabbi’s program before she passed away!! Now Discovering The Jewish Jesus is a part of our Daily worship and we have shared Rabbi with many other Family members who are following him now…
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  • Jessica, South Carolina

    “What has blessed my heart is seeing my 7-year-old daughter reading Rabbi’s books like Rivers of Revelation and listening to his CD’s like Jesus a Revolutionary. She is absolutely eager to learn from Rabbi about her Jewish Jesus!”

  • Deborah, Massachusetts

    “I was losing faith until I found Rabbi by chance, as I flipped through television stations testing my new TV antenna! I immediately stopped scanning and listened. That was over 5 years ago and I am still listening. I have…
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  • Mark, South Carolina

    “I am a student at a Christian University and Rabbi, your teachings are a blessing to me. You have encouraged me to study more and become a better witness to all I meet.”

  • Richard, South Carolina

    “Rabbi, God has used you to confirm my faith in my savior Christ Jesus. You have moved me to reach out to others in all ways; strangers as well as friends. You have given me so much insight into the…
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  • Audra, Oregon

    “Rabbi, I have loved Jesus my whole life, but hadn’t even began to understand the depths of relationship available to us as his children until this last year. My mother found your tv program and introduced me to it, and…
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  • Stephanie, Alabama

    “Rabbi, I’ve been a believer for over 60 years but, being a Gentile, I never really had the whole sequence of the importance of our Jewish linage explained in such depth and clarity as you have done. My understanding and…
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  • Bethany, North Carolina

    “Truly, this ministry saved my life when I was at the threshold of despair. Rabbi has blessed me with great insight in my walk with The Lord. I am a Jewish Believer too.”

  • Robin, Texas

    “Rabbi, revelation, encouragement, inspiration, and fulfilled prayers are only just the beginning of the many blessings that have been bestowed upon me and my family, over the years, since becoming a Monthly Partner.”

  • John, Mississippi

    “Rabbi, I watch your shows and have learned from all of them. But I noticed on one of your teaching that you said that you were rejected by your own people for your beliefs. This actually bothered me on your…
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  • Darryl and Lesley, South Africa

    “Rabbi, my wife and I have been using your study notes from DiscoveringTheJewishJesus.com, and have created a Bible Study in our home. We are so blessed to see how GOD is working in our lives.”

  • Kersandra, Georgia

    “Rabbi, I am a gentile grabbing ahold of your garment and I am not letting go!” “In those days ten men from all the nations will grasp the garment of a Jew, saying, ‘Let us go with you, for we…
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  • Mary, South Carolina

    “Rabbi, my daughter and I haven’t had a relationship for over 30 years. I was prompted by the Holy Spirit to send her your book, “Self-Deliverance”. I also sent her your book, “Do not be Afraid”. It is miraculous! She…
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  • David, Missouri

    “Rabbi, I was watching your program and prayed with you for renewal of my commitment to Jesus. I received the Holy Spirit right then and I was filled with peace, joy, and a great hunger for the Word of God!…
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  • Lorraine, New Jersey

    “Rabbi, your ministry has given me the courage to witness with power and boldness to my family, friends, and strangers about Jesus!”

  • Haley, Oklahoma

    “I asked the Lord for a teacher that would show me His Word like I had never seen it before. When I first saw Rabbi Schneider, I was skeptical because of his preaching method. He was so open and full…
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  • Jhona, Philippines

    “Rabbi, I’m so happy that my daughter is being inspired by your teachings. She even takes down notes. She is 7 years old.”

  • Barbara, New York

    “While scrolling through the channels I came across your show and decided to give it a try. True story – one of the first episodes I watched was where Rabbi said there was someone watching that was suffering neurological issues…
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  • Lorraine, Florida

    “Through your ministry, Rabbi my eyes were opened to who Jesus really is. I’ve been a Christian believer since 1985 and read my Bible, but I never understood the Jewish connection. It was like the blinders were taken off!”

  • Daniel, Maine

    “I cannot thank you enough for your ministry, you brought back my faith to my heart. God used you to turn my life around! I love you Rabbi for breaking down the Word of God so that I can understand…
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  • Joshua, Illinois

    “I became a born again Christian thanks to you Rabbi Schneider! I am a better, God Loving person now, and someone that loves and wants to serve the Lord.”

  • Moses, YouTube

    “I am Jewish and had never got Christianity, but Rabbi Schneider you make sense. It should have just stayed a form of Judaism and never its own religion.”

  • Carrie, California

    “Rabbi, I just finished watching the introduction of Don’t Waste Your Wilderness and I am stunned by the lesson! Already the Holy Spirit has convicted my heart, crucified my flesh, and healed my emotions. I had never heard teaching like…
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  • Sandra, Illinois

    “I now have a heart for unbelievers because of this ministry. I began taping Rabbi and had my husband sit and watch with me, he got so blessed! We have become monthly Partners. We have just increased our monthly gift,…
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  • Patricia, California

    “I have been streaming Discovering the Jewish Jesus on Roku. Rabbi, I wanted you to know what a difference it has made in my life to be able to watch several programs in a row. I have struggled with fear…
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  • Chris, India

    “Over 15 years ago my family converted to Christianity…but, in my heart, I was always an atheist. About 2 years ago I made a decision to make myself read the Bible, but I never believed Jesus as a Jewish Messiah….
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  • Dawn, Nevada

    “Rabbi, I am part Jewish and I watch you on TV and via the internet, on a daily basis. Your ministry has been a gift and is truly amazing to me. As my many questions would arise, you always answer…
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  • Marvin, Georgia

    “I am a Jew who believes in Jesus too. I just want to say Thank You for fearlessly and lovingly teaching the TRUTH of the Torah and the message of Jesus. You really are anointed of the Lord.”

  • Hunter

    “I loved your live webcast! I am a 16-year-old Jewish boy.”

  • Robin, Facebook

    “When I was a new believer… I was lost but searching… How can a Jew believe in Jesus without losing their Jewish identity? I prayed for help. I turned on the TV and this Rabbi was talking to me… I…
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  • Linda, Australia

    “As a Jew, I have been on a journey that has led me to become a believer in Jesus. I have always hungered for what has now been fulfilled in me. You are doing such a marvelous deed by helping…
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  • Eileen

    “When I tuned in to Discovering the Jewish Jesus, it changed my life. I was a closet Jewish Christian, I thought I was the only Jewish person who believed in Jesus, but I know I couldn’t have got through my…
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  • Julie, Colorado

    “Thank you for your ministry, Rabbi Schneider. I have learned so much by watching your shows. I wait eagerly for them every week. I am also a Messianic Jew and your teachings have taught me so much about our Lord…
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  • Barry

    “I am seventy-eight years young. I was born, raised and will always be Jewish. My upbringing was to believe in God. At age seventy-five I started to read the entire Bible and putting the puzzle together, that Jesus is our…
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  • Simone, California

    “Rabbi, I feel at Home when I listen to you preach the Word of the Lord! Your Ministry is so crucial in preparing all of us for Yeshua’s return—which feels so eminent! I grew up in a Christian and Jewish…
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  • Brenda, Iowa

    “Born Jewish, I love watching Rabbi. I am learning that Jesus is Jewish and not just for gentiles. Rabbi taught me that Jesus came for the Jewish people to be saved. Thank you Rabbi, I received Jesus! I will continue…
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  • Wendy, California

    “I am a Jewish believer who had for years identified myself as a Jewish Christian. Though I’d occasionally visit different churches here and there, I was having difficulty finding a real spiritual fit. Then 4 or 5 years ago I…
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  • Aaron, Rhode Island

    “I was a backsliding Christian. But over the past few years, not only has my Rabbi taught me so much about my Christian roots in Judaism; his passion for God’s word has helped and inspired me. I am no longer…
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  • Pam, Connecticut

    Rabbi, your texts are a word in season for me. At the moments of greatest pressure your texts have refreshed my soul and lifted my head. You are a prophet of the Most High!”

  • Helen, South Carolina

    “I am getting quite old, nearly 80, and I have been a follower of Jesus Christ since the age of 33. Rabbi, the Holy Spirit has drawn me to become an active supporter of your ministry, since you can go…
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  • Barbara, Colorado

    “I was in a “sinful sleep” for a full decade since my husband passed away and I lost my way. Everything that I used to wonder how people could do, I was tempted with, and a lot of things I…
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  • Daina, Iowa

    “I lost my faith some years ago when my brother passed. I quit believing, I quit going to church, and I was mad at God and everyone who was a believer. I was mad because God didn’t heal my brother….
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  • Rachel

    “I am thankful to God for my Jewish heritage. But, it is only Jesus who can truly make us kosher (clean & purified) and bring us back to God. Thank you so much Rabbi for being a true Rabbi (teacher)…
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  • Kathy, Indiana

    “10 years ago, I discovered church and GOD for the first time. Then a year ago, I discovered Rabbi. Because of you, I now know the LORD and understand the meaning of a relationship with HIM. My understanding of the…
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  • Joan, NV

    “I wanted to say about the peyos- you are right! I personally like them. There is no harm in letting your look reflect the deepening of your hearts feeling to reflect your Jewishness. Rabbi, I truly wish (and pray) that…
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  • Chad, Washington

    “My name is Chad, and for the last few years I have been lukewarm in my commitment and faithfulness to the Lord. I was recently watching Rabbi and began weeping as I confessed my sins and repented and asked for…
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  • Thomas

    “Thank you Rabbi, with all my heart, for bringing Jesus into my life! My life is changed forever.”

  • Karen, Indiana

    “Rabbi, when I was a nonbeliever, you provided an essential link in the chain that led to my acceptance of Christ as my Savior. I am a regular viewer today, and just became a monthly Partner.”

  • Harriet, Arizona

    “Rabbi, I was prompted by the Holy Spirit this year to become a monthly Partner.”

  • Keith, Pennsylvania

    “My wife and I decided to become monthly Partners with Rabbi because we were receiving so much that we felt the need to support him. We also wanted to be a part of the team that is reaching around the…
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  • Berlestine, Virginia

    “Rabbi, I know that we are truly living in the last days and therefore Jesus is coming back soon! I became a monthly Partner because I wanted to stand with you in reaching as many people as possible with the…
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  • Jane, Texas

    “About two years ago, we discovered Rabbi and began to watch. His teachings have changed our spiritual life completely! His messages are much deeper and more challenging than anything we have seen before. We feel much more a part of…
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  • Keith, Virginia

    “I have decided to become a monthly Partner with Rabbi! I look forward to standing before my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ and giving an account of my decision to partner with Rabbi.”

  • Monica, Illinois

    “This ministry allows us to be a Partner with all the crusades/revivals/mission trips through our continued monthly support. We encourage ALL those who watch & listen to Discovering the Jewish Jesus to become a monthly Partner!”

  • Christopher (former Pastor), Maine

    “Rabbi, your teachings have brought life back to a heart that had grown cold. I have recommitted my life to Yeshua. I am a monthly Partner with you because I feel that you are indeed a servant that many believers…
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  • John, California

    “Rabbi, God has used you to restore my faith. I have never Partnered monthly with any ministry. I have with yours!”

  • Joan, Florida

    “I praise God for what Rabbi is doing all over the world in his crusades — winning souls for Christ — and I’m so blessed to contribute to the salvation of these people, all of whom I’ll meet in heaven!…
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  • Sharon, Facebook

    “I am so thankful to be a monthly Partner with this ministry; I cannot reach those people around the world…but you have the way provided already to do that. By my being a Partner financially…I am going with you…and this…
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  • Carol, Washington

    “Rabbi, I realize that I myself cannot go into all the world, but YOU can. By being a monthly Partner, I have my way of going into all the world through God, through you, His messenger.”

  • Ashley, Texas

    “Me & my husband had drifted away from the Lord. We let all the troubles in our life become bigger than God. But as we watched your live broadcast tonight, me & my husband gave our lives back to God!…
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  • Mario, Ohio

    “Rabbi Schneider has been an extraordinary instrument of Jesus in my life. I am being drawn back to God. God has shown me by His Spirit how important it is to have a Messianic Rabbi to be fed by. Rabbi…
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  • Teriza, Australia

    “A few months after I became a monthly Partner, I asked God to give me someone to pray with and a few minutes later my phone rang and it was Discovering The Jewish Jesus. I was so excited when they…
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  • Ellen, England

    “Rabbi, thank you for your teachings on the Bible, which are so easy to follow and learn about my Savior. Originally, I was from a Muslim family. I was born again while watching you on Sky Television, when I moved…
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  • Doris, Delaware

    “Recently I saw you on your program ministering in Jerusalem to a gathering of Jewish people. I was so blessed to see and hear you present Jesus as everyone’s Messiah, and you did so lovingly and thoroughly. Then to see…
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  • Philani, Swaziland

    “Rabbi, I love watching your sermons. They have changed my life a great deal.”

  • Cathy, France

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  • Ro, California

    “Your teachings are the ways of Paul the Apostle, who did not pull any punches and shared God’s Word with love and conviction. I am a Partner and will be increasing my monthly contribution. I want to be even a…
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  • Zeldra, Alabama

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  • Mary, New York

    “Rabbi, I was watching one of your episodes, and as you said a prayer for those needing to give themselves to Jesus, I said the prayer along with you! As I did, I felt like time stopped. I completely broke…
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  • Jonathan, Tennessee

    “Watching your program every day has changed my life. I always felt that God was never there for me. But Rabbi, by the way you teach, I now know that I can have a relationship with God and His Son.”

  • Jyothiswara, India

    “Rabbi, I’m watching you on God TV and listening to your podcasts. I am now observing a quietness in my life. I am able to cherish God’s presence.”

  • Martin, Texas

    “I needed to give my life back to Jesus. I had stopped praying and going to church. Rabbi, by watching you I got reminded of who God really is and His love for me. I thought my life was over,…
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  • Stephen, South Africa

    “Since I started listening to your awesome preaching on our TV in South Africa I am a saved man! I follow your messages and make notes on my computer. Your Sermons are so powerful and at times I re-listen to…
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  • Olga, Israel

    “God bless you! Thanks for the enriching and instructing sermons!”

  • Aleksey, Israel

    “Special gratitude to Rabbi Schneider for the program on receiving God’s wisdom. It is important to stay joyful and thankful for all that God makes in our lives!”

  • Mrs. A., England

    “Rabbi, thank you for the Priestley prayer/blessing at the end of each program, which gives me so much comfort.  Your teachings on Discovering the Jewish Jesus is a lifeline to me.  I was once a Muslim but now I am…
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  • Dickson, Thailand

    “I want to thank God Almighty who, through Rabbi, is teaching me a lot and I was even delivered from unforgiveness and bitterness. Praise God Almighty, I was set totally free through your ministry.”

  • Gary, Texas

    “Today a phone call came; a loving call from your ministry, asking how I am and if I had any prayer needs. The gentleman prayed for me and it was a wonderful confirmation from the Lord, because I was needing…
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  • Vicki, Maryland

    “Rabbi, your program put me on The Path. I don’t have the words to even explain to you how much your Ministry has helped me. I read the Bible every morning along with prayers and record your show. I am…
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  • Carol, Pennsylvania

    “I have been a born again believer in the Lord Jesus Christ for almost 5 decades.  Although I have sat under the teachings of many wonderful Pastors, your messages have brought me greater insight, have touched my heart more intimately…
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    “I have never felt so close to God. I have learned more about our Lord since listening to you, in the last few months, than I have in the past 85 years of my life. I have always believed in…
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  • Andrew, Qatar

    “Rabbi, I want to thank you for the WORD of GOD that you have been sharing on your app, my faith has been strengthened!”

  • Christopher, Swaziland

    “Rabbi, for the first time it was clearly taught about the Passover and its purpose. I am grateful to now understand this special Holiday and what it means for me.”

  • Lisa, New York

    “Rabbi, your recent messages on making a commitment to ask for and to do God’s will daily and to boldly proclaim Jesus as the only path to salvation to others, has had a very significant impact on me.”

  • Mary, Missouri

    “I recently became a monthly partner and someone from your ministry called to thank me for joining and asked if I wanted prayer. Just before he called, my husband and I had a heated argument. I asked if he would…
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  • Shemaiah, Botswana, Africa

    “I fully agree with Prophet Zechariah’s (8:23) message of prophecy concerning many in the last day’s taking hold of the garment of a Jew. Rabbi, I have decided to hold on to your robe, for God is with you.”

  • Nicholas, North Carolina

    “For many years, I have struggled with anxiety, worry, and fear. I had prayed, and even fasted, for God to take it away. It was not until I watched your series on Self Deliverance that I developed the confidence to…
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  • Colette, Lakewood, WA

    “Rabbi, I so very appreciate you for your willingness to discuss topics that aren’t often addressed from the pulpit. You do it in a way that exposes the lies and deceptions of the enemy, thus making it easy to truly…
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  • Bea, Philippines

    “Rabbi, the Lord used your teachings to recommit my faith and strengthen my soul. I just renewed my faith and recommitted my life to Jesus.”

  • David, Singapore

    “I want to thank the LORD for bringing Rabbi Schneider into my life. I started watching and paying attention to and applied what he taught. As Rabbi prayed during the broadcast, I agreed with him in prayer and was delivered…
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  • Cora, Florida

    “Since I first watched Rabbi Schneider’s teaching, my understanding of God’s will for my life has been so enlightened. I have returned to the things I had ventured away from: weekly fasting, seeking Him early in the morning, prayer, and…
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  • Carla, Texas

    “For the last several years, through leading Bible studies, reading, etc. I just felt I was not learning. We go to church every Sunday, but something felt like it was missing. Rabbi, I turned your show on one Sunday morning…
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  • Ted, Ohio

    “Wow. I only listen to a VERY few television ministers, because the VAST majority are still in the kiddy pool. I almost drowned listening to Rabbi Schneider this last week!”

  • Stephen, Colorado

    “I have been a Christian over 40 years. But my Christian life has been shallow, empty and cold. I felt like I had a closer relationship with my dog than with the Lord! Then I came across Rabbi’s teaching on…
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  • Cher, Australia

    “Rabbi, praise be to God for you and your ministry. Of everyone I have seen preaching about the Holy Gospel, you are the only one I found genuine and sincere. It touches my spirit and makes me think about my…
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  • Annmarie, United Kingdom

    “The resources that I have been sent have been priceless and the prayer requests I have sent have been answered.”

  • Maia, Italy

    “I submitted a prayer request, for the first time, to Rabbi. I immediately felt a change inside of me as joy and peace filled my heart. The presence of the Lord was so mighty on me. I have decided to…
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  • Ocomain, Ireland

    “Rabbi, may God bless you with your ministry to the Jews and Gentiles.”

  • Henry, South Africa

    “I receive great spiritual enrichment.”

  • – Sarah-Diantha, Netherlands

    “For a long time I was in search for the truth of the Bible and God. I started to read the Bible and I had many questions about God and about Yeshua, but I never found any answers. I started…
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  • Ruth, Russia

    “Thanks God, for such useful programs! Thank you for the ministry of Rabbi Schneider. Very positive and encouraging.”

  • Suresh, India

    “I have been watching Rabbi’s Ministry, and I have been really blessed.”

  • Sarah, Israel

    “Discovering the Jewish Jesus is a program that I especially appreciate. May God bless your ministry and work that you do for people.”

  • Anisha, India

    “I received a call today at 7.08 pm India Time from Rabbi’s ministry. The prayer counselor prayed over me for the troubles that I mentioned to him, that there would be peace between my dad, myself and my fiancé. 15…
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  • Cynthia, Washington

    “I’ve been a student of the Bible for decades, but lately I’ve been in a prolonged dry place. Rabbi’s teachings have made me hungry again for the Word of God. My soul is quickened through Rabbi’s messages, which provide insights…
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  • Denise, Colorado

    “I was in line at a McDonald’s to get some tea. A young man in front of me had two empty cups of coffee to refill. He was talking about today’s world and how God was the only solution to…
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  • Grace, California

    “Praise the Lord! Rabbi, I recently asked your Prayer Team for prayer for my husband, and he is now walking again!”

  • Hyuntae, Australia

    “I can’t watch your program without shedding tears. Rabbi, you always awaken my spirit and encourage me to follow Jesus, my Lord. Your teaching is very profound and has “heart shaking” power in it. I now realize that one true…
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  • Carol, Hawaii

    “I had been a lost sheep all my life. Raised Catholic, born-again Christian during college, then I converted to Orthodox Judaism (Chabad) and had remained such for more than 30 years. I recently started watching TBN and was led to…
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  • Wendy, United Kingdom

    “Rabbi, I just want to let you know that since I started watching your program, I feel like I am getting to know my Lord much, much more. I can hardly wait until the next week to tune in again!…
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  • Hilda, Sweden

    “I am so glad I found this ministry! Through Rabbi’s teachings, I am so blessed and encouraged. My spirit is revived!”

  • Sabrina, Facebook

    “You picked me up when I was down and couldn’t get up, and through Jesus, you put the broken pieces of me back together. This ministry, you and Cynthia, your beloved wife, are a gift from God. Thank you over…
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  • Kathy, South Carolina

    “Thank you so much for sending me Seize My Word 2, Personal Scriptural Affirmations—From the Words of Jesus. When I’m riding in my car to go babysit my two granddaughters, I listen to you for the hour-long ride. I always…
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  • – Viewer

    “I am writing this testimony of how God used Rabbi to literally save my life! On February 3, 2014, my wife passed away in my arms, and my entire world collapsed. I thought I was alone and decided to end…
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  • Chinedum Bu Chiebube

    Rabbi, more grace I pray; I was live throughout the whole program, and the whole land of Nsukka was shaken, God is indeed a Miracle working God; He works in mysterious ways.

  • Roxanna, Washington

    “Rabbi, I recently found your program and decided to try it. I have gotten more than I ever hoped for! For the first time in my life, I felt that not just my mind was absorbing the teaching but also…
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  • Valentina, Indiana

    “I have repented of my past sins and of being a prodigal daughter for way too long. I am ready to begin my walk through the straight gate and on the narrow way to receive Jesus as my Lord and…
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  • Emma, Missouri

    “I praise God for Rabbi Schneider’s teaching. I am 74. I have been in church most of my life, but always something was missing, until one day I started watching Discovering The Jewish Jesus. It has been inspiring! I feel…
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  • Marcia, Australia

    “God really uses this ministry in a loving way to reach out to people who are lost and in need.”

  • Andrea

    “I had been a practicing Buddhist for years. Rabbi, your teachings have truly awakened an appreciation, desire, and fulfillment in my relationship to Jesus. You are a special blessing in my life and I thank Father God for bringing your…
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  • Mildred, North Carolina

    “Rabbi, I am 87 years old and unable to go to church. Your teachings mean a lot to me. I thank God for your ministry. I can see the love of God in you and Cynthia.”

  • Joyce, West Virginia

    “Rabbi, I recently watched your live internet broadcast from Jerusalem. I must tell you that I was ministered to in a great and mighty way! Tears just began flowing with each word you said. I had to surrender my life…
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  • Utah, Virgin Islands

    “God bless you richly Rabbi for teaching His word without compromise! As a Christian, I am grateful to God for you and the way you connect the Old and New Testament. Because of your teachings, I am better able to…
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  • April, Facebook

    “Just finished watching, on Facebook, The Holy Land Series—The Entrance to God’s Presence and it was the most awesome, awe-inspiring thing, I’ve ever seen in my 55 years of living. Thank you Rabbi for presenting this for us all. I…
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  • Karen, Washington

    “Dear Rabbi Schneider, Thank you for praying with me (a total stranger) in the Detroit airport. I was pretty overwhelmed that day—getting slammed by the Enemy about the call God has on my life, missing my family already, and still…
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  • Orangi, Uganda

    “I had an accident and I could not hear from my right ear. Two days ago in Lira, during the crusade there, Rabbi Schneider prayed for the congregation. I felt something like heat from fire on my face near my…
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  • Pastor Johnson, Alabama

    “My wife and I just recently started watching your program on a regular basis. We are so thankful for your spirit and Godly wisdom. I have pastored for many years and it is so refreshing to hear and receive revelation…
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  • Enyang, Uganda

    “The people of Lira, Uganda were so blessed to have Rabbi come and minister to us. Today, we saw real miracles as the lame, bleeders, deaf, and blind were healed and the lost saved!”

  • Lizzy, Facebook

    “You led me back to God and Jesus. Thank you is not enough.”

  • Mike, Florida

    “I am accepting Jesus as my Lord and Savior once again and have welcomed Him back into my life. I feel drawn by the light of love to what you are doing. Thank you from the bottom of my heart…
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  • David

    “The other night we were watching Rabbi Schneider and he was giving a message on love and how to break bad spirits within your family. He then started talking into the TV about a person that was facing a problem…
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  • Carl, Swaziland

    “Your program has excited and changed my life knowing that there are Jews who love their Messiah.”

  • Gladys

    “I began watching Discovering the Jewish Jesus two years ago. I’m a practicing Catholic but always felt “something was missing” in my worship. Rabbi has taught me the Jewish roots of Jesus. For lack of better words, I have gotten…
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  • Dionne, Florida

    “Rabbi, I was watching your program while my 6 year old grandson was in his room. When he heard you giving the Aaronic Blessing, he ran in my room and got in position to receive!”

  • Jerry, North Carolina

    “My whole family has gotten saved since I started watching your TV show.”

  • Mark

    “Rabbi, I was born into a Christian family, and I’m a devout student of the Word. For about the last year I have watched your show. I must confess, your dedication and sincerity to God’s Word have totally changed many…
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  • Kay, Florida

    “Dear Rabbi — I am 81 yrs. of age, and I recently became a monthly Partner to your ministry. I am amazed how easily you go through scripture and have recommended your ministry to others in my church.”

  • Jose, Oklahoma

    “Thank you so much for reminding me about Jesus, for I had forgotten Him. I have accepted Christ into my heart.”

  • Funeka, South Africa

    “I was watching the show today, and the testimony instantly moved me and I made a decision to follow Jesus as my personal Savior and to seek His kingdom!”

  • Chris, Michigan

    “Thank you so much; I have received Jesus into my life! I love the program and will continue to watch. God bless your program.”

  • Kimberly, New York

    “Shalom Rabbi Schneider. I am praising God for your wonderful ministry and how it has blessed my life. Last week I was watching the episode, when you were ministering in Africa, where the people were being miraculously delivered from demons…
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  • Takudzwa, Zimbabwe, Africa

    “Rabbi, my faith in Jesus has increased ever since I started watching your programs.”

  • Frank, North Carolina

    “Was flipping through the channels and just happened upon Rabbi Schneider’s television show by chance. I’ve always been skeptical about religion, but for some reason or another, Rabbi Schneider’s message touched me and I felt compelled to return to the…
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  • Michael, Indiana

    “To say your program touched my life—would not be adequate. It transformed my way of thinking.”

  • Elizabeth, Nigeria, Africa

    “Rabbi, I appreciate the hand of God upon your life and ministry. I watch you here in Nigeria, on TBN network, every week—Monday to Friday. Each time you teach I feel like you are passing a message from God directly…
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  • Tom, Colorado

    “After seeing your web page and after much prayer and searching I have received Yeshua as my Savior.”

  • Stephanie, Arkansas

    “The day after my brother went home to Our Lord, we were cleaning his modest home. He had so many books and Bibles, but I found one in particular I felt compelled to read. It was your book about erasing…
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  • Arnold

    “I watch your program often, and during the Holy Days I got down and prayed for the Lord to enter my soul. I am aging, living alone, and searching for Jesus. All of the sudden I am regaining my balance…
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  • Liann, Facebook

    “Thank you for your ministry and teaching. I was watching your show on TBN today and after 30 years of being saved and one who avidly studies and tries to abide, it FINALLY ‘sunk in’ that GOD (The Spirit) DWELLS…
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  • Janice, Louisiana

    “Rabbi, I have been watching DTJJ for two months and enjoy your teachings so much. My husband and I are ordained ministers, but my fire was a burning ember. Watching your teachings has renewed my spirit and has given me…
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  • – Anna, Saved at our outreach event in Jerusalem, Israel

    “Honestly, how do I express this? I just started crying. It was emotional. I feel Him with my heart.”

  • Viewer

    “I was a witch for all my life; I became one because of abuse from my father and mother. I got tired of it and ran away from home at the age of fourteen. I started using drugs and alcohol,…
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  • Deborah, Tennessee

    “Rabbi Schneider, about 8 months ago, I was back slid and laying in the hospital. Your incredible program came on and at the end when you asked if “anyone was feeling something,” well, I gave my life back to the…
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  • Carol, Florida

    “I recently happened upon your program. What you said greatly impacted me, and I have not forgotten it. You said, “When we get saved, we are chosen by God.” And, the three things God wants us to do are: “Worship…
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  • Norma, Facebook

    “I am learning more from Rabbi than I had ever imagined. I feel better, happier, and more peaceful than before. I feel like a big weight has been lifted from my shoulders!”

  • Nancy, California

    “I have learned so much from Rabbi but more importantly, he has helped me to renew my prayer life with Jesus. I had been afraid to do so and resisted strongly. Rabbi, you made me believe that it is safe…
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  • Radebe, Johannesburg, South Africa

    “After watching the latest episode of Discovering The Jewish Jesus, I felt a deep hunger for a relationship with God and I felt a gap inside of me that I needed Him to fill.”

  • Wasswa, Facebook

    “I am Wasswa from Uganda. I watch your program on Lighthouse TV and I am now born again. I was a Muslim but God used you to change my life. I now believe in the Jewish Jesus!”

  • Kendra, Georgia

    “I thank God for Rabbi Schneider! You, your wife, and staff are great men and women of God! I have learned so much, and I have benefited from the teachings and prayer calls. I also download the Teaching Notes from…
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  • Pamela, California

    “I was in a really dark place when I woke up to you speaking about trusting God’s plan for your life. It was exactly what I needed to hear to pull me out of the hole that I was sinking…
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  • Nora, Facebook

    “I really don’t know what I would do if I could not watch your program. I can’t read the Bible anymore, but you give me the knowledge and hope every time I watch you. I am so glad I found…
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  • Beverly, Kansas

    “Tonight I was watching your program, and after almost 50 years of carrying guilt, I prayed with Rabbi, and I am free. Thank you, thank you!!! I had a son outside of marriage, and today he is an evangelist with…
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  • Jane, Kenya

    “Rabbi, your teaching has been eye opening to me and a blessing to my life. I can’t stop, on a daily basis, watching your teaching on YouTube. I am so blessed by your teaching.”

  • Craig, Florida

    “I have spent the last two years commuting 1000 miles every other month between work and home to be with my family. I was praying because I was headed to a job interview where an offer was on the table….
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  • Erron, Philippines

    “Hi Rabbi, I love all your TV shows, and your other ways of delivering the truth of God’s Words through YouTube and your webpage.”

  • Pastor John, Uganda

    “People were thronging the gate, running to the front to receive Jesus into their lives, including Muslims.”

  • Leah and Guy, Australia

    “My husband has an agonizing nerve disorder and listening to you has enabled him to take his focus off his pain and onto the Lord. We watch all your shows and feel so blessed and privileged to partner with you…
    Read More

  • Patricia, Scotland

    “I hadn’t even read my Bible in years. But I started to watch Rabbi every day and I have been wonderfully set free from everything that had been holding me back and making me fearful. I have been transformed!”

  • Holless, Zambia

    “I thank the sovereign Lord that every time I watch you teach on TV, I see God revealing many things to my life.”

  • Magaret, Germany

    “I am loving learning more about God’s Kingdom. Thank you Rabbi and Cynthia.”

  • Cia, Jamaica

    “Ever since I found your Ministry my prayer life has been miraculous. I intercede for others and go out in my community to minister to the poor.”

  • Tobie, New Zealand

    “The Gospel has become much more powerful! I really connect with Rabbi Schneider. I now pray for Israel every morning. The revelation I receive from your program, makes my journey with Christ very real.”

  • Margaret, South Africa

    “I started watching Rabbi and after the show I felt so peaceful and blessed. I now watch every Sunday.”

  • Pastor Ismael, Puerto Rico

    “I saw the program where you visited the island of Cuba and it was a great blessing for my life.”

  • Enrigue, Spain

    “Rabbi is such a great blessing!”

  • Steven, Taiwan

    “Your program has touched my life and the lives of others here in Taiwan.”

  • Natasha, United Kingdom

    “Your teachings have returned my faith and my hope for victory!”

  • Anna, Saved at our outreach event this year in Israel

    “Honestly, how do I express this? I just started crying. It was emotional. I feel Him with my heart.”

  • Cynthia, West Virginia

    Deceived No More “I have been Christian for many years, but it was only in the past few years that I realized how valuable, important, and necessary to our salvation the Jewish people are. I attended and watched replacement theology…
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  • David, Monrovia, Liberia, Africa

    Liberia “This is my first time watching your program on DAYSTAR, and I am really blessed. Rabbi, you have enlightened my understanding of the Scriptures.”

  • Velda, New York

    Revelation Shalom Rabbi Schneider, I am a “PK”, preacher’s kid, raised in the Baptist Church with a Pentecostal mother. By the grace of God, I am saved and filled with His Holy Spirit. I have heard an untold number of…
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  • Tom

    Salvation Assured “I was raised in a church where the preacher yelled at me that I was a rotten sinner bound for Hell. I figured if I was indeed Hellbound, why not enjoy my life as a sinner? Rabbi, though,…
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  • Risha, Alabama

    Eternally Healed “I want to say thank you to Rabbi and his prayer team for praying for my dad during his time of sickness. He was saved before he left this earth! He had cancer and was listening to Rabbi…
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  • Don Nalley

    Wow the final episode of Judaism & Christianity was stunning! I did not know this division between us… i just thought most Jews hated me for no reason or because I followed Jesus! Its so good to have a summery…
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  • Marge, New Jersey

    Closer to Jesus “I happened upon Rabbi’s TV broadcast one day. From the first time I heard him teach, I knew there was something very real about him. Rabbi is a true disciple of Jesus, combining both Old and New…
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  • Rayna, California

    Witness to Jewish People “Dear Rabbi and Cynthia, I’ve been watching you and using your broadcast to witness to Jewish people. So far, I know for sure that one of my Jewish clients and her 84 yr. old mom have…
    Read More

  • Godfrey, Masindi, Uganda, Africa

    “Praise God, Rabbi. I am always inspired by your teachings. God bless you!”

  • Judy, Texas

    Called “I record every single show and re-watch and re-watch…I am learning things I never knew. I am so thrilled and excited to have a Jesus believing Rabbi and I believe that Rabbi is the answer to my prayers. I…
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  • Lynda Z., Tennessee

    Free to Know Father “I have been a Christian for decades. I always related to Jesus as my Savior, but because I was totally abandoned by an alcoholic father, the concept of God as my Father was difficult for me….
    Read More

  • Hunter, Facebook

    Faith of a Child “I have been watching you since I was in the 3rd grade. I am in the 8th grade now and I tell everyone about you.”

  • Liviana, Facebook

    My Healer “I thank God every day and especially because of one of your shows I saw almost a month ago. At the end of the show, I prayed during your Aaronic Blessing prayer and God delivered me by healing…
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  • Leigh, Michigan

    “I have been a member of Lion of Judah World Outreach for going on 6 years now. In that time, under Rabbi’s guidance, I have fully received Jesus as my Lord and my Messiah. I have come to know Abba…
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  • Enyang, Lira, Uganda, Africa

    “I love you Rabbi, I really do. You turned around my life when you came to Lira! I loved every moment with you at the crusade.”

  • Carol, Massachusetts

    “I am a new Partner. Rabbi’s teachings have brought me to a closer relationship with Jesus, my Lord and Savior.”

  • Matthew, Tennessee

    “Most of my life, I didn’t really give Jesus a chance. I went my own way, thinking that I got to choose my destiny. It was me, me, me—all the time. You’ve made a huge impact on my life Rabbi…
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  • Kimberly, Florida

    “I have made several prayer requests through your ministry, all of which were remarkably answered. Rabbi, I am a firm believer that your ministry is highly anointed and has a special calling from God. I can sense it every time…
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  • Linné, Facebook

    Almost finished reading this wonderful book you wrote! I plan on having my children read it as well even though they are still school-age I think it’s OK for them to know all of this and it will help me…
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  • Anu, India

    “I was feeling very discouraged, then as Rabbi prayed the blessing at the end of the program. I felt faith and hope came into my heart.”

  • Monique, Canada

    “Ever since I tuned in to Rabbi Schneider’s messages I have been touched spiritually. I have become bolder in my testimony. I have even started a bible study in my apartment building and we are up to 12 participants! I…
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  • Carol, Ohio

    “I am proud to say that I have been a monthly Partner to this wonderful ministry for the past three years. I thank God for Rabbi Schneider and his family. I have been blessed in many areas of my life…
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  • Julia, Georgia

    “God heard the cry of my heart and He used Rabbi Schneider to answer my prayer. My Husband died in November of 2015 and I have tried to be brave and trust God. I never expected that my answer would…
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  • Sherron, Texas

    “Rabbi, please continue singing the Aaronic Blessing at the end of your shows. It always causes my spirit to catce anew! I am a shut-in and can barely walk, yet I am in revival and I believe restoration! ank GOD for…
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  • Iris, North Carolina

    “Rabbi, I watch your program and I am amazed at your teaching, I am blessed due to how you break every word down into layman’s terms that I can understand. My husband is Jewish and has now converted to Christianity.”

  • Bill

    “I saw your live Seder last night and it was wonderful as usual.  Would like to see you go to each city in each U S state so that all could experience you live Rabbi and your words!” Bill

  • Don

    “I watched the live broadcast on the Seder. What a blessing. Your ministry truly is a Biblical blessing.” Don

  • Elizabeth

    “There was a sense of beauty throughout the live broadcast of the Seder. The peace of the Lord rested on Rabbi and the music brought a little of the atmosphere of heaven to earth.” Elizabeth

  • Matthew

    “I watched the live webcast last night through Facebook, I thought it was done very well.  The feed was crisp and clear.  I really enjoyed the musical break with Pastor Josh and the harpist.  Well done all who were apart…
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  • Tabatha

    “I was able to watch the Live Webcast last night.  It was awesome and really blessed me!  Everything seem to flow very well, it streamed the whole time without any issues, and I feel like I have a greater understanding…
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  • Steven

    “Shalom!  I wanted to pass along a word of thanks to Rabbi Schneider and the staff at Discovering the Jewish Jesus for the Passover Broadcast.  My wife and I were blessed to be able to participate in the worship service…
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  • Sherri

    “Rabbi, I just wanted to let you know how much your teaching means to me. I have learned so much but most of all, it’s been a source of confirmation. I participated in the Passover Seder you did live on…
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  • Terry W. Snow

    “News of what God did in the Evangelistic Gathering with the main speaker being Rabbi Schneider has reached globally! Some of the most dramatic testimonies were impaired vision being restored, lumps disappearing, and the lame healed.” Terry W. Snow

  • Pastor Karachi

    “This young man was a commander of all thieves in town. He had been stealing from many people for a long time. Last night he received the Word from Rabbi. He didn’t sleep through the night, and called me in…
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  • Pastor Roberto Martins

    “I have been privileged to meet Rabbi. The in-depth revelation that he brings is tremendous. I believe God brought him to reveal to our hearts the truth of Biblical Principles, which is so needed!” Pastor Roberto Martins

  • Pastor Pedro Pie

    “I saw great evidence that God is using Rabbi in a special way. The signs confirm it. Something very beautiful happened to one boy. You could see the healing in his eyes of the issues he had. Also, our brother…
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  • Pastor James

    “Dear Rabbi, Glory to the Lord for His mighty exploits during your Crusade here in Malawi, there were 3,400 converts to Jesus!” Pastor James

  • Pastor Robert

    “Rabbi, we remember the powerful evangelistic healing crusade you had in our town. Our ministry has never been the same since that time. All the ladies that you ministered to that were prostitutes and drug addicts, are now members of…
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  • Deby

    “Rabbi, I am going through your series Song of Songs for the second time. It has so blessed me to understand more of God’s character and love. I could never see Him past the God of Vengeance in the Old…
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  • Victor, Canada

    “My faith has grown and I owe that to the One I believe in. I Thank Him for raising up ministries like yours to preach His Word with Conviction, Truth, and Love.” Victor, Canada

  • Dixie, New York

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  • Raymond and Carolyn, Facebook

    “My husband and I were drawn in an instant to supporting this ministry! This was a number of years ago, and never have we not been powerfully blessed to have done so. We have watched as Rabbi is being used…
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  • Joyce, Kentucky

    “RABBI: I have been a Christian and attending church for more than 65 years, but I’m learning things from your ministry that I have never heard before. I’m loving your wonderful book Awakening to Messiah. I’m learning so much about…
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  • Bonnie, Kansas

    “Until Rabbi’s series on The Song of Songs, I had little personal feeling that Christ loved me. I was raised to believe that God was judgmental. I was never told He loved me, but only the rules I was supposed…
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  • Jumelah, Florida

    “Rabbi, I’m so thankful to our Heavenly Father for blessing and impacting my spiritual life as well as many others with your ministry. I’m grateful for the wisdom and revelation our Lord has given you. I’m filled with knowledge and…
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  • Daniel, Uganda

    “Rabbi, thank you for allowing God to use you. When you preached on your TV show about how Satan uses our mind to defeat us, I had been a victim of Satan’s attack on my mind. But, ever since the…
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  • Sheila

    “Like Isaac, I have sown a seed in my famine to your ministry (in addition to my monthly partnership offering), which is indeed fertile ground! I thank God for my hundred-fold return and for the opportunity to support Rabbi; who…
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  • Jacqueline

    “I wanted to let you know that you’re weekly “Power Minutes” – Seeds of Revelation, continue to bless and impact my life. They are truly a Word in due season.” Jacqueline

  • Luann

    “I am continually blessed by your teachings. I strongly felt the presence of the Lord during the Aaronic Blessing. During one of your shows about the prayers of David from Psalm 25, it was like a light went on –…
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  • Mpho, South Africa

    “Rabbi, recently I was watching your program. The sermon was about being grateful while in the wilderness. I prayed with you to be grateful for the wilderness I was going through! Immediately after the prayer I was  filled with peace!!” …
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  • Christine, Oklahoma

    “I am a new Deliverance Minister and I have so much to learn. I was having particular trouble understanding the spirit of Jezebel/Ahab, and how to recognize that spirit during a deliverance service. I felt that I was missing something…
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  • Margret, Tennessee

    “Rabbi, your ministry has been God sent for me. I went through Song of Songs with you and discovered a loving, personal God. My husband passed away a year later, although that was hard, I went through knowing I belonged…
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  • Tony, Israel

    “Rabbi, I wanted to thank your prayer ministry team member so much for contacting me for prayer, you have no idea how that has blessed me!! No ‘big ministry’ has ever done that before!!”

  • Pastor Vakoma Ching-Sam, California

    From A Pastor “Thank you Rabbi for your faithfulness and your love to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I can see it and feel it by watching you on the television set. You are real in what you say…
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  • Kimberly, Virginia

    “I love watching Rabbi Schneider. I have really been inspired. I have done more evangelizing since watching him go all over the world. My daughters see a difference in me because of my closer walk with God.” Kimberly, Virginia

  • Wendy, Pennsylvania

    “Rabbi, one of your resources that brought about great deliverance in my life is the book Self Deliverance. By following the instructions, prayer and submitting to God – I’ve learned to reject the lies of the enemy.” Wendy, Pennsylvania

  • Barbara, Illinois

    “Your simple teaching from the Jewish perspective refreshed me with more wisdom, knowledge and expectancy for the future. May you and your ministry be strengthened and refreshed a hundred fold as HE uses you worldwide!” Barbara, Illinois

  • Pamela, Uganda

    “I wish to appreciate your teachings, they have helped me in my life to know God more.” Pamela, Uganda

  • Marjory, United Kingdom

    “This is the best Bible teaching I’ve ever found. I am so enriched by how Rabbi shows the foretold stories of the New Testament in the Old Testament. I have always had a surprising quest to understand the Old Testament…
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  • Betty, Arkansas

    “Thank you so much for your new series: The Kingdom of God and the Governments of the World. I’ve been so torn as to whether I should even vote or not, but you have encouraged me and explained how God…
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  • Deb, Ohio

    “When I read Cynthia’s “With Love From Cynthia” about Loving Well, Wow!! For months, the Lord has given me scriptures in Luke 12 to read repeatedly about His caring for the birds and feeding them, and how much more He…
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  • Violeta

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  • Debby, Nevada

    “I thank our Heavenly Father for your encouraging, enlightening, and Spirit led TV ministry. Words cannot describe what a huge spiritual impact DTJJ has had, and is having, on my life. I continue to tell others about your wonderful TV…
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  • Sheila, Rhode Island

    “Thank you Rabbi for guiding me to Jesus as I have opened my heart and found Him through you and your teachings. I have been very ill for 10 months now and have been praying for Jesus to heal me…
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  • Bonny and Bing, Oklahoma

    “Rabbi’s teachings have ministered to my husband and I so very much, and we have been blessed abundantly through Discovering the Jewish Jesus! God is awakening a love for the Jewish people in us and a desire for them to…
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  • Rabbi on Fox

    “My husband and I were getting dressed one morning a few days ago as we listened to the Fox Business Network on television when to my surprise I heard a familiar voice. Rabbi Schneider was a commentator dealing with the…
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  • Kenya, Africa

    “I thank almighty Jesus for his mercies upon our lives. rough your preaching we have peace in our heart, soul and mind.” Jeremiah, Kenya, Africa

  • Terri, Facebook

    “Rabbi, I am honored to be a partner with Discovering the Jewish Jesus. You are faithfully sharing e Gospel each week through Tele- vision, Facebook, and to areas throughout the world. Each week I await your teachings and I have grown…
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  • Greg, Georgia

    “Rabbi’s television and internet teachings bring me Shalom. Rabbi provides me with real world applications and understandings on how God desires me to face my worldly challenges as a believer. ank you for being a beacon of light, love, and for…
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  • Kathy, Australia

    “For the rst time that I have ever heard, you have presented and interpreted so beautifully and truthfully this amazing, holy, and beau- tiful book – Song of Songs. I thank you. May the Lord bless your ministry on television…
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  • Dottie, Michigan

    “Rabbi, Teacher of Jesus. After watching you today, I prayed for the first time this morning, giving my life to God and thanking Jesus for dying on the cross so I wouldn’t have to” Dottie, Michigan

  • Patricia, New York

    “Your ministry has touched my life. I am learning how to trust the Lord with all my heart, mind, and soul. Your teachings are simple to understand, and challenge my faith to be all that God wants me to be….
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  • Yvonne, Africa

    “God has opened so many doors through applying the teaching of Rabbi to my everyday life. I am really falling in love with Father God.” Yvonne, Africa

  • Deborah, South Carolina

    “Since I have been watching Rabbi, my life has never been the same. I am studying and understanding the bible more than ever!” Deborah, South Carolina

  • David

    “Rabbi, I have been listening to your new CD- Seize My Word to renew my mind.” David

  • Miranda, Georgia

    “Rabbi, you have become a true spiritual leader to me in my life. I now listen to you daily and make a conscious e ort to implement the words you speak in my life each and every day. anks to…
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  • Faith on Facebook

    Rabbi Schneider I LOVE this ministry it is an absolute honor to connect and partner with this ministry. I believe the word to be true that the Lord will bless those that bless Israel and curse those that curse Israel…
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  • Cori, Florida

    “Thank you for sharing the video of your recent crusade. I am a monthly Partner and felt like I was actually there with you. I stand with you and pray for your safety as you travel. We need you!” Cori, Florida

  • Jane, Florida

    “About two years ago, we discovered Rabbi and began to watch. His teachings have changed our spiritual life completely! His messages are much deeper and more challenging than anything we have seen before. We feel much more a part of your ministry since becoming…
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  • Chester, New York

    “I made a decision to become a monthly Partner, because I see the hand of God on this ministry.” Chester, New York

  • Elin, Michigan

    “I joined as a monthly Partner after reading Rabbi’s book Do Not Be Afraid. This has helped me replace fear with faith in my life in such a powerful way. Rabbi’s revelation has empowered me and given me peace through my circumstances, and I want…
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  • Johnnie, Texas

    “I became a monthly Partner because I was inspired by Rabbi’s teaching of Jesus and I wanted to help spread the gospel around the world.” Johnnie, Texas

  • Cedric, Texas

    “I became a monthly Partner because I have witnessed the Blessing of the Lord on my wife’s life since she became a monthly Partner.” Cedric, Texas

  • Stephanie, Indiana

    “I am 65 and still jumping with joy, all the time, with your teachings. I am so happy to be a monthly Partner with you in getting the Word out to the world!” Stephanie, Indiana

  • P. California

    “Rabbi, through your teachings, God has literally saved my life. I am now a monthly Partner with your Ministry. You really make a difference in people lives – I’m proof. Thank you!”  P.  California

  • Windermere, Florida

    “Thank you for sharing the video of your recent crusade. I am a monthly Partner and felt like I was actually there with you. I stand with you and pray for your safety as you travel. We need you!” –Cori…
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  • Harvey, Louisiana

    “I was watching TBN when a Jewish Rabbi came on calling everyone beloved. I listened and I was on my knees with what he had to say. I was so happy and blessed that I started watching regularly. I had…
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  • Kristine, Ohio

    “My best prayer partner is my nine year-old son, Joseph- we watch your program daily and he especially loves the blessing that Rabbi does at the end of the broadcast. My children are being “fed” through this ministry, and taught…
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  • Jim and Patricia, Washington

    Rabbi, we first began watching 2 years ago when you were in the second or third teaching of the series “Song of Songs, A Journey into Divine Love”. I was mesmerized, my ears were immediately opened, the scales fell from…
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  • Beverly, Georgia

    Rabbi, when I asked the LORD who He wanted me to donate to, I received a Holy Spirit unction to donate to your ministry. Shortly after, you started sharing your amazing international outreaches and crusades. We are now monthly Partners,…
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  • Devon, Indiana

    “Rabbi continues to preach on things that hit home with me. I know in my heart that what he preaches is the truth of God’s word. He comes across as very compassionate, loving, and authentic. Sometimes Rabbi’s messages are challenging,…
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  • Charlene, California

    “Today, I was very much in need of direction as I turned on my television to see what was on. I turned to your program: e Mysteries of e Kingdom – How To Receive. I was so blessed, because I…
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  • Sumathi, Singapore

    “Dear Rabbi, I wanted to thank you for your prayer call- er who recently prayed for my daughter who had went for a major surgery on November 7th of this year. She experienced supernatural healing and regained her strength despite…
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  • Ginger, Facebook

    “On November 2, 2015 I was channel sur ng and stopped on your show. You were talking about capturing the heart of God. You also spoke about unforgiveness and revenge. I perked up and paid close attention. Rabbi, you looked…
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  • Pam, New York

    “I have watched all year, but during the Feast of Taber- nacles and the Feast of Trumpets I took intense notes. I studied the verses Rabbi gave and decided that I no lon- ger wanted or had the desire to…
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  • Marge and Dave, Canada

    “We cannot say enough about the Day of Atonement Live Webcast. Since the first viewing, so much hurt and suffering has been made known to us. It is now our third watching, and we were all in tears and praising…
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  • Judy, Michigan

    “I started watching your series Journey Into Divine Love and it has been so wonderful, so eye opening! I can truly say ‘I am my Beloved’s and my Beloved is mine’. ank you Rabbi for your teaching. Because you were…
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  • Ginger, Maryland

    “Rabbi, I recently decided to come o the fence from being a “sometime” giver and become a Monthly Partner. Today I received a prayer call from one of the anointed members of your Prayer Team and the glory of God…
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  • Suzy, Indiana

    I was watching your program yesterday as you were teaching on how to defeat the devil. I did as you said and I felt such peace and healing owing within my soul! I am very sensitive, and WAS prone to…
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  • Mike, Alabama

    “Rabbi Schneider and Cynthia, please receive my warm greetings and may the Lord’s blessing be with both of you. I wanted to tell you how incredible your ministry has been for me. I have learned more from the scriptures watching…
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  • Stephanie

    “Last March I lost my Brother. While cleaning his humble home to sell, I found your book Do Not Be Afraid. ere were notes from my brother in the margins and his Jewish Bible was worn and falling apart from…
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  • Jean, Florida

    “Rabbi, I give much thanks for the wonderful God we serve. e Lord has multiplied His blessings on my husband and I spiritually, Financially, and by answered prayers – since we began sowing into your ministry. It gives us great…
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  • Wendy, Kansas

    “I just wanted to say I am so grateful for the teachings of Rabbi Schneider. God used his teachings to rescue me out of witchcraft and has made me one of His own. Rabbi has helped me to understand and…
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  • Pastor Robert, Narok, Kenya

    “Rabbi, we remember the powerful evangelistic healing crusade you had in our town. Our ministry has never been the same since that time. All the ladies that you ministered to, that were prostitutes and drug addicts, are now members of…
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  • Viewer in Pakistan

    “I have been watching your programs for almost one year. I am also happy that God is using you in Pakistan. For the very first time, I understand the real meaning of water Baptism. My brother’s life has also been…
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  • Mega – Oregon

    “Praise the Lord and thank you to Rabbi’s prayer team. God answered prayers! I asked for prayer over my son’s court case and Hallelujah – his case was dismissed by the judge in his favor. I also asked for prayer…
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  • Dorothy – United Kingdom

    “I thank the living God for His son Christ Jesus and the kindness to all the people that are working in your ministry. Rabbi, I am encouraged to hear your witness and o en gain a joyful attitude from your…
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  • Terri – New Mexico

    “Rabbi, thank you so much for your new television series: Self – Deliverance. I have been delivered from many demonic forces!”

  • Viewer from California

    “I was blindly seeking our Lord, confused, uncertain, and frightened because I couldn’t find Him. I couldn’t feel His love although I knew it was there. Then one Sunday He led me to “Discovering the Jewish Jesus.” My heart was…
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  • Anonymous

    “The Lord used Rabbi’s message to stand against fear and break off my Methadone addiction”

  • Tony, New York

    “Years ago I had given my life to Christ, but I fell away and was not following, or behaving, the way a Christian should. One day I accidently changed the channel to your program. I was moved to start viewing…
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  • Maria, London

    “I have always wanted to go to Israel. This year (2014) in October, I finally went on my own. I was staying in a small hotel, which did not provide tourist information to their guests. I could not find anyone…
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  • Jeffrey, California

    “I have been struggling with an addiction to cigarettes for 12 years. God has broken my addiction after watching Rabbi. I have been 8 months without cigarettes!”

  • Kay, Wisconsin

    “A few days ago I was reading a book with the TV on in the background. All of a sudden I heard ‘giving up cigarettes’ …there was a pause and then Rabbi Schneider said… ‘I’m speaking to someone’. He was…
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  • Cheryl, Texas

    “Your message on Fear helped me so much. Satan had put fear in my mind that something was going to happen to my grandkids and that I would be responsible. I refuse to fear anymore. Satan is a liar! God…
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  • Meghan, Massachusetts

    “The Lord used Rabbi Schneider’s series on Fear to help delivery me from fear and anxiety that was a result of verbal abuse growing up. It was tough but if you make a decision to stand on the Word of…
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  • Linda, Oklahoma

    “Rabbi Schneider was preaching on fear and used his daughter’s car accident as an example about dealing with fear. I immediately ordered the CD’s. God, through Rabbi’s teachings has delivered me from not only the fear of driving, but other…
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  • Angela

    Someone from your office called thanking me for my monthly donation and asked if I needed prayer. It was exactly when I needed prayer! Thank you for your ministry, I love you all!

  • Joseph

    I received a call from your ministry and it came at a time when I really needed it. God used the call to bring me into His rest. You came right into agreement with me for my needs and things…
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  • Teresa , Missouri

    “I felt very distant to the Lord until I started watching your television program. Your teaching has blessed me so much. I started praying the Aaronic Blessing and felt a big change in my life. I feel a great peace…
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  • Anonymous

    “Rabbi, you opened a book up that had been completely foreign to me. Earlier this year, I kept coming across Song of Songs, but ignored it because I was never taught about the book and always thought it was made…
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  • Susan, Louisiana

    “I have never in my life felt loved until your teachings. As a result of your shows on ‘Song of Songs’ I feel totally loved and accepted by Jesus. I was deceived and abandoned by my husband and was hurting,…
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  • Elisa, Illinois

    “Thank you for ministering a very timely, healing and restorative Word from the Song of Songs. My broken heart and shattered mind from the assaults these last months caused me to have a very distorted view of the Lord. What…
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  • Patsy, Ohio

    “After risky, painful heart surgery 5 years ago, my prayer life became nothing. Since being able to watch your series “Song of Songs” my fire and love for Jesus has been rekindled.

  • Anonymous

    “Rabbi, you have enlightened this 75 year old heart with your teachings on the Song of Songs. I knew my LORD loved me and loves me always, but your teachings took me to a depth of understanding that all I…
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  • Lauren, Wisconsin

    “I saw your teaching on the Song of Songs recently. I cannot tell you enough how it is affecting me. I am overwhelmed with the love of Jesus like I have never felt before. I am 65 yrs. old, and…
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  • Eva, Iowa

    “The first time I saw the show it was by accident. You had just started the Journeying Into Divine Love series. I felt such a magnificent love from Jesus. I read along in my Bible, and when I came to…
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  • Rhonda, California

    “My friend suggested Rabbi Schneider’s programs on Song of Songs for me to watch. Watching it changed my thinking of how much God loves me. I thank Rabbi Schneider for his messages. I truly believe God used this series to…
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  • -Janet, Maine

    I became a born again Christian last March, and since then I have been obsessed with studying the Bible and watching religious programs on television. I have become completely hooked with Discovering the Jewish Jesus. I feel the truth of…
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  • Becci, Ohio

    “I feel truly blessed by watching your program. I have been watching Discovering the Jewish Jesus for several years now, and as my knowledge has increased so has my faith! Your program is a regular part of my special weekly…
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  • Jenny, Facebook

    “Jesus opened my eyes to your program not to long ago. What a blessing it is to understand His word. Your teaching makes Scripture easy to understand and apply to my life. Wow, God is good!! Praise God, He saved…
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  • Tony, Texas

    “Your show has moved me so much closer to the Lord. No matter how bad things get I know He has His arms around me and will never let go. Thanks for your teaching.”

  • Malkiel, New Mexico

    “Rabbi Schneider’s teachings have shown me that I am the beloved Bride of Christ. As a result, I walk with God more faithfully knowing that He cares for everything. The more I watch, the more I learn.”

  • Diana, Facebook

    “I have found a peace that I haven’t known before. I was born again in 1992 and this is the first time I really felt God’s love. Thank you Rabbi Schneider for helping me find and receive how much God…
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  • Rochelle, New York

    “What a wonderful anointing you have in your revelations about grace and truth. You inspire me in ways that produce a genuine and trusting love in God, in a way that no other ministry has accomplished. I just wanted to…
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  • Ral, Maryland

    “I have been watching DJJ for over 5 years and Rabbi Schneider has been such a blessing in my life! Every week, he brings the uncompromised Word of God. It’s so refreshing and encouraging to hear messages that truly glorify…
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  • Rebecca, Colorado

    “I have been a participating Christian since I was seven years old, when I was baptized by immersion into Christ. I can tell you truthfully that I have learned more from Rabbi Schneider in the few months that I have…
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  • Jean, Virginia

    “I have been so enlightened by the teachings I receive from your programs each week. Rabbi, thank you for allowing God to use you to help us understand the word and the Jesus we all love and desire to know,…
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  • Noelia, Texas

    “Since I started watching Discovering The Jewish Jesus, I have grown in ways I never imagined. Song of Songs, The Tabernacle, and now Do not Be Afraid are so powerful. I have been able to take what I’ve learned and…
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  • Alonzo, Iowa

    “Thank you so much Rabbi for your teachings on the end times. Because of it, I have become really determined and inspired to witness and save lives. Bless you!”

  • Sharon, Florida

    “Rabbi, I love watching Discovering The Jewish Jesus so much, that I cry practically every time. I believe the Holy Spirit is so strong in your Ministry. Have a blessed time in Haiti; I know it will be very fruitful.”…
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  • Kevin, New Hampshire

    “I was recently watching Discovering The Jewish Jesus. At the end of the episode, Rabbi Schneider started talking about being stuck in a hard spot and having to make an important decision and not knowing which way to go. I…
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  • Joseph, Missouri

    “Since watching your show, I have come out from a pit. I get a feeling of calmness when I watch the show, my faith increases, and my inner person fills up with the LORD’s Spirit. All through homelessness and many…
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  • Robert, New Mexico

    “I am at a loss for words. God is doing things in my life that I never thought would have been possible. He is really my Father! I can’t stop praising Him for you & how you have just blessed…
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  • Kavion, Maryland

    I am in my early walk with Christ and have only known war, anger, and confusion. Yet ever since I’ve been watching Rabbi Schneider, his teachings cause me to cry heavily, confess and get down on my knees. Now I…
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  • John, Virginia

    “I was watching Daystar one Thursday morning when you came on. After about 10 minutes I knew I was witnessing something VERY special. I haven’t been the same since; thank God! Please keep up the great work that you do…
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  • Tanya, Florida

    “Thank you Rabbi Schneider! More than any other ministry, it was yours that did the most to lead me to the Lord. I watch your show all the time, and I have grown spiritually by leaps and bounds as a…
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  • Regina, Facebook

    “Love you and your teachings, Rabbi Schneider! I feel so special when you call us beloved, you are affirming to me how Jesus feels about me – we are HIS BELOVED CHILDREN! I have learned so much since discovering your…
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  • Kathleen, Connecticut

    “I love your show! I hardly ever thought about Israel or the Jewish roots of our Christian faith until I discovered your broadcast a few months ago. Now, it seems I can’t stop thinking about our Jewish brothers and sisters!…
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  • Felicia, Canada

    I am Cuban and I live in an Orthodox Jewish building. Thank you for helping me to understand more about the Old Testament as it has helped me a great deal with my neighbors. I have told them about Jesus…
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  • Tyler Ridgeway, Virginia

    “Being Jewish, watching Discovering the Jewish Jesus has brought me to a true Christian faith. Discovering the Jewish Jesus has really blessed me through the power of the Holy Spirit. Every time I watch, I am so lifted up, it…
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  • Marie, Texas

    “Thank you for joining, my family & friends, in prayer for my friend Elana. I sent a request for prayer to the Discovering The Jewish Jesus Prayer Team a few months ago because she was diagnosed with stage 4 colon…
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  • Sabrina, California

    “I had recently visited a doctor that gave me a bad report, telling me I had sores, scarring, and abrasions in my cornea that would require surgery. So, I sent in my prayer request to your prayer team. Three weeks…
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  • Shawn, Texas

    “Every week since January 2014, I have submitted a prayer request for healing from Lupus for my friend Brittany to your prayer team. This past Wednesday she went to the doctor and he proclaimed, “All your bloodwork and tests are…
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  • Wayne, Missouri

    “Rabbi Schneider, the Lord has answered my prayers. I wrote you, asking for prayers for my heart condition. The doctors were going to put an ICD into me to control my heart beats. However, on the day of the procedure,…
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  • Cathy, Ontario, Canada

    “Your book, Do Not Be Afraid, gave me the confidence and peace I needed 35 years ago! Because of it, I was able to pray over my father in the hospital and the Lord completely healed him! Everyone needs to…
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  • Gail, Maryland

    “Recently I was dealing with a situation that I had great concerns about. Two days before, the Lord had spoken gently to me to read your book, Do Not Be Afraid. I did and it was very enlightening. That night,…
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  • Ingrid, South Africa

    “Rabbi Schneider, thank you for everything you are doing for us and Yeshua. I recently finished your new book Do Not Be Afraid! I needed everything in this book. Thank you for sharing your fears and helping me to be…
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  • Marie Crawford, West Virginia

    “I faithfully watch Discovering The Jewish Jesus and have been so enlightened! There were so many things in the Bible that I did not understand. Thank you so much for the explanations and resources that are provided by Rabbi Schneider,…
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  • Barbara Roswell, New Mexico

    “Dear Rabbi, two friends and I have started the home bible studies provided on your web page. We have been craving a deeper relationship with Yeshua for a long time. Through your study in Song of Songs, a new avenue…
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  • Michelle

    “Thank you Rabbi, I am currently using your bible study with my kids ages 11, 13, & 17. Your ministry is a true blessing to our family.”

  • Sharel, Facebook

    “I just want to thank you, first, for preaching the gospel. Do you realize how hard it is to find a “Christian” program on TV where the gospel is actually preached? Well, it’s difficult. Your program is a thirst-quenching exception,…
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  • Kathryn, Texas

    “Thank you so much for the “Let Your Light Shine” Seeds of Revelation. I was crying from this type of rejection (pleasing man) when I saw your email and video. It spoke straight to my heart and was exactly what…
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  • Inmate Ray

    “Rabbi, your program is a huge blessing to me. The love of Jesus truly shines through you.”

  • Inmate Oswald

    “My understanding of the Bible has increased so much through your Bible Studies. It is like my eyes and mind have been opened.”

  • Inmate Jerry

    “Thank you so much for sending me Rabbi’s new book-Do Not Be Afraid. It has been a great help to me, I have read it twice!”

  • Inmate Pete

    “Your Bible Study has led me to a closer and more intimate relationship with our Lord and Savior, Yeshua. Thank you Rabbi.”

  • Inmate Douglas

    “Rabbi’s teachings have helped me to finally grasp the need to submit to God.”

  • Inmate Christopher

    “Thank you so much for the books and DVD’s, and Bible Study. The Rabbi is on fire! Other people here are amazed.”

  • Inmate Tuska

    “I learned so much from reading Rabbi’s book, Awakening To Messiah, it was a real inspiration. Thank you so much for sending it to me.”

  • Inmate Daniel

    “Thank you for sending words of hope to men and woman in prisons all over the country. I am going home in a few months by the grace and mercy of Yeshua. God does answer prayer; I am so very…
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  • Inmate Phillip, South Australia

    “I’m currently serving jail time. Around 2 years ago I repented to Jesus for my life of sin. Four months ago I received your teaching on how unleavened bread is a metaphor for sin. You taught how we should remove…
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  • Jess Wilrijk, Belgium

    “Hello Rabbi Schneider, I just want to thank you for your love, your faithfulness and your words of grace! Keep doing what you are doing!”

  • Alison United Kingdom

    “I would like to thank you for making the Song of Songs episodes available on YouTube. I don’t go to church, but I started watching your shows when I accidentally came across them and was inspired by you. I kept…
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  • Tracey United Kingdom

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon your TV show. Since learning more about the Jewish Jesus, my Bible makes more sense. Discovering The Jewish Jesus opened my heart to who Jesus really is. Furthermore, my 13 year old daughter is…
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  • Jennilyn Calbayog, Philippines

    “When I watch Discovering The Jewish Jesus, I find healing and peace. Thank you so much Rabbi. I am a blessed mother of three small children and I feel especially good when Rabbi gives the Aaronic Blessing at the end…
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  • Keon San Juan, Trinidad

    that I began watching. I am a 20 year old young adult and the teachings of the Song of Songs has been a real blessing unto me. May you continue to do the work the Lord has called you to…
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  • The Bahamas

    Rabbi, I thank God for your ministry. I live on an island where the truth of God’s Word has been replaced with religious tradition. I watch you on TV for real food.

  • Ajnaywala City, Pakistan

    What a preacher! Wonderful! And new! The Holy explanation of Song of Songs, where no one has gone before.

  • Kashif Pakistan

    I am very happy that God chose you to broadcast in Pakistan. All of my neighbors are Muslims and they tell me that they are also listening to Rabbi K. A. Schneider. We will continue to listen and watch your…
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  • Hanuk Masih Pakistan

    “Rabbi, you are truly preparing a generation which will fully know about the love of Lord. We are really thankful to God as, He is revealing so much to us through you. Praise the Lord!”

  • Yousuf Pakistan

    “Many Muslims in our City watch your messages and they get blessed. Song of Songs has never been so interesting for us; we are truly hearing a word of love through Rabbi Schneider. We are always anxious to hear more…
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  • Pastor Nayab Pakistan

    I just want to share my experience of how the Holy Spirit moved within me, while translating your message of the Song of Songs into our native Pakistian language. Brother, your teaching is just like the apples of gold in…
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  • Marelin Iran

    I was born in a Christian, Assyrian family. My heart has enjoyed coming to know the true meaning of the Bible through your program. Indeed God’s love comes through, trying to make relationship with each and every human being. Thanks…
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  • Deborah Edmonton, Alberta Canada

    “Watching Rabbi Schneider teach on the love of Jesus, I felt such a renewed peace and joy in my heart: the assurance that my Lord has not forgotten me. This is precious stuff – life-giving to the heart and mind!…
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  • Joyce Brampton, Ontario, Canada

    “Rabbi Schneider continues to be a blessing to me and is truly an answer to my prayer; for a closer understanding of who Jesus is from His Jewish roots. Each episode of Discovering The Jewish Jesus is food for my…
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  • Amanda Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

    “Rabbi, The Lord is truly doing a mighty work through you. Your teaching will save many souls, and your ministry is bearing much fruit for the Kingdom of God. I love your current teaching on the Song of Songs. It…
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  • Dave & Marj Steinbach, Manitoba, Canada

    “We enjoy the way Rabbi Schneider teaches straight from Scripture and in a clear way for our understanding. We find we’re gaining better understanding of the Bible as we listen to his detailed messages. We are so thankful, and sense…
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  • Erusmus Harare, Zimbabwe

    “Thank you Rabbi so much for you’re preaching on your show-DJJ; it is going out all over my country. I am so happy; your teaching makes me feel closer to God.”

  • Edwin & Marynah South Africa

    We are truly blessed by your television ministry. Please keep encouraging the Bride. Grace, Mercy, and Peace to you all.

  • Boniface Tanzania

    I am writing from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. I am a born again Christian, and have been following your various sermons for over a year now. I have been touched by your sermons and would like to contribute to your…
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  • Heidi Ann South Africa

    “I accidently saw your broadcast one night and I cried tears of joy that God blessed me and lead me to switch channels at that moment. Glory to His Name! Since then we have been watching and being blessed! We…
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  • Mutabaruka Butare, Rwanda

    “It has been great news to watch an anointed man of God who is a Jew and loves Jesus. Rabbi, God’s messages through you are really encouraging to my heart. I am so grateful that God has chosen men, with…
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  • James Nairobi, Kenya, Africa

    “Rabbi, I am so thankful that we now can watch Discovering The Jewish Jesus in my country. Through your program the Lord has saved me. May the Lord bless you and keep you.”

  • Eleanor Lagos, Nigeria

    “I am so happy to have come across Discovering The Jewish Jesus with Rabbi Schneider. Please continue to bring your program to our country. Yeshua has been so good to me and my entire family is so blessed.”

  • Judith Kenya

    I am a Ugandan national living in Kenya for the past 12 years. Thank you for the work that you do. I have come to learn who the Jewish Jesus is in my life through your preaching on TV.

  • Seth Ghana, Africa

    “My spirit is at peace after listening to your powerful message on the Beatitudes. I am very grateful for your anointed teachings. May Yahweh richly bless your ministry in the mighty name of Yeshua.”

  • Emad Giza, Eqypt

    “I watch Discovering The Jewish Jesus in Egypt. When Rabbi finishes with a prayer I feel so good, I really feel the blessing of God. I look forward to watching Rabbi every week, thanks so much for your ministry.”

  • Marie, Pennsylvania

    “I am so thankful for Rabbi and his teaching us how the Old and New Testaments are connected. Jesus did not come to abolish the Old Testament, but to fulfill it. Today, much of Christianity tends to forget the Old…
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  • Terry W. Snow, National Director, Youth With a Mission

    “News of what God did in the Evangelistic Gathering in St. Marc Haiti, with the main speaker being Rabbi K.A. Schneider, has reached globally! Some of the most dramatic testimonies were impaired vision being restored, lumps disappearing, and the lame…
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  • Bishop Joseph Morema Alfayo-Gesima, Kenya, Africa

    “Beloved brother I salute you in Christ Jesus. My dear Rabbi, I appreciate you and the team that came to present Jesus Christ at our place Gesima. God bless you dearly. Tell RABBI that we salute him for agreeing to…
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  • Justin, Florida

    “I watch Discovering The Jewish Jesus weekly. Recently, I was going through a very difficult time and I asked your prayer team to prayer for me. Behold! My greatest need was answered. Thank you for your strong and dedicated prayer…
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  • Montsho, Pennsylvania

    “Approximately 8 months ago I sent in a prayer request to you. God answered my prayers and the prayers that you provided on my behalf. I am now working full time without anxiety and I have never had a salary…
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  • Gean, Florida

    “Not long ago my husband left to go to work at his full-time job and to his astonishment he was let go. He was devastated. The Lord spoke to our hearts to sow and we did into your ministry. The…
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  • Geri – Facebook

    Thank you for your ministry and for praying for my husband regarding his lung surgery. He is doing GREAT and I feel your prayers!

  • Nellie – Facebook

    “Your teaching tonight on the Song of Songs gave me a greater insight into how the Lord desires to have a deeper and more fulfilling relationship with His children. I came away truly enlightened in the analogy of God’s desire…
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  • Mark – Facebook

    “Loved the webcast. The message by Rabbi Schneider spoke to me and helped me better understand God’s love for me. Thanks for sharing!!”

  • Danelle – Facebook

    “Yes, I watched and was reassured of God’s presence and His love.”

  • Stephanie – Facebook

    “Watched it all and left feeling beautiful in the Lord.”

  • Margaret – Facebook

    “I am so blessed, tears running down my eyes, Hallelujah! Thank You LORD!”

  • Bernice – Facebook

    “I thoroughly enjoyed tonight’s live broadcast…..I prayed every prayer with Rabbi which were exactly what I needed at this time. Thank you Rabbi Schneider….Blessings.”

  • Bruce – Facebook

    “My Spirit Was Lifted Up and my body was Tingling all over inside of me!”

  • Betty – Facebook

    “I just spent a wonderful hour with you live. I learn so much from your teachings. It is an honor to partner with you. God bless you as you serve Him and all of us.”

  • Susan – Facebook

    “I praise and thank the Lord for you Rabbi Schneider. I was really blessed by your live webcast and your teaching brought me closer to the Lord. And you know what: before you spoke about the beauty of the Lord,…
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  • Jerri – Facebook

    “Oh yes. I was watching on my phone while weeding the garden and was so touched I started crying right there in the middle of all that dirt. Jesus loves me and made me feel beautiful. Jesus I love you…
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  • Crystal – Facebook

    “Awesome live broadcast Rabbi…I was so moved by it and blessed. And, I was able to get my husband to watch it with me. I shared the live broadcast on all my different internet accounts, hoping that many many souls…
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  • Barb

    “I was at the Song of Songs conference and wanted to thank you for being a vessel of Jesus’ transforming love. I am a pastor and counselor–I pour out into other people a lot and felt like I needed some…
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  • Cheryl, Georgia

    “How do you put into words an encounter with Jesus that’s so personal and intimate? I want to thank you all and let you know that your sacrifice and preparation was not in vain-yet I am unable to find the…
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  • Joan – Facebook

    “Yes, I was there. I have been saved for over 40 years and have never experienced what I did at the Conference….The presence of the Lord was hovering over the entire congregation. If you ever hear the way that the…
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  • Wilma – Facebook

    “The tender love and the fire of God lingered (as I lingered) long after each of the services. I was touched mightily by His Holy Presence and received His SHALOM and “Joy Unspeakable and full of GLORY!! Thank you Rabbi…
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  • Debora, New Jersey

    “I just want to thank you, Rabbi, for your program. It has been such a blessing to me, especially the series on Prayers that Resonate with God. I recently asked your prayer team to pray for me because I was…
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  • Geri, Texas

    “I had stopped attending church several years ago and had begun to realize that my faith was waning. This past February I stumbled upon Rabbi Schneider on TV. He spoke to my heart as he told us to make a…
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  • Yolanda, Arizona

    “Monday was the first day that Karina has not felt pain in her hip and that was the day your ministry started praying for her. With sincere gratitude, thank you.”  –Yolanda, Arizona

  • Dolores, Georgia

    “A few weeks ago, Rabbi Schneider spoke on making the Lord the first fruit of your day, establishing a covenant with Him and disciplining yourself to give Him praise – which cultivates your relationship. He said start out with the…
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  • Shay, California

    “Thank you so much for your Discovering the Jewish Jesus broadcast. I have learned so much and will never be the same. I had forgotten how much Jesus loves us and how much He desires a relationship with us, not…
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  • Guy, Nevada

    “Rabbi, your tangible energy and unabashed love for Christ come through in every word you speak. I thought I had an exceptionally fine relationship with the Lord before I started watching DTJJ two years ago. Since then, your ministry has…
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  • Rebecca, Alabama

    “I have been a faithful supporter of your ministry for some time now. Recently I was watching your program when you got down on your knees, looked into the camera and said something like this, ‘I want to pray for…
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  • Brenda on Facebook

    “I have become very selective about the ministries I donate to and listen to; because of the false prophets and those that seek money, fame and riches. I support Rabbi and seek to listen to him, and most of all…
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  • Gloria, California

    “I look forward to watching every show to deliver comfort, and build my faith,  give me biblical knowledge, and encourage my growth as a believer! Rabbi cares so much about people all over the world, the love is overwhelming. Thank…
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  • Abednego, Nigeria

    “I really can’t fully express my gratitude to Rabbi Schneider for the knowledge and insights he’s given me. He has cleared all my doubts about the connection that Christianity has with Judaism. Now I can truly see myself as a…
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  • Barbara, New Mexico

    “Thank you, thank you, thank you for seeking the face of God and being so obedient to what He gives you to say and do. The last few days I have listened to your Seeds of Revelation, a CD on…
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  • Teena, Maryland

    “I have been a supporter of Discovering The Jewish Jesus for a while. The other night I got a call from my son. It was devastating, I fell victim to anguish. I got out of bed two days later, went…
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  • Inmate Todd

    “Dear Rabbi Schneider, I am a prisoner. I came to prison when I was 47 years old. Prior to prison, I lived for several years in Michigan and kept my airplane right there in a local airport. I worked as…
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  • Berwin, Florida

    “Every time I listen to Rabbi’s messages and teachings, my heart softens and tears run down my cheeks. I am truly being touched by the Holy Spirit.” -Berwin, Florida

  • Charlotte, Oklahoma

    “Rabbi Schneider and the Discovering The Jewish Jesus ministry has blessed my life immensely. Receiving each week the Seeds of Revelation power minutes have really blessed my life. My husband and I watch weekly, and support your ministry monthly. God…
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  • Gail, Ohio

    “I was very impacted by your first Live Broadcast via the Internet. I had been struggling with loneliness horribly, so the message on beauty drew me in. Understanding that to dwell on the beauty of God’s creation all around me…
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  • Debra, California

    “I just became a monthly Partner to your ministry. My sister and I have been watching your broadcasts for a while now and are always blessed by them. I have a son-in-law who is Jewish and with your teachings, I…
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  • Jess, Belgium

    “Hello Rabbi Schneider, I just want to thank you for your love, your faithfulness and the words of grace that you speak! Keep doing what you are doing!” -Jess, Belgium

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